Playcentric Studios

Playcentric Studios does both in-house production with small to medium sized teams from our global networks, and freelancing/consulting for other organizations. We provide creative direction, experience design, curation and production of games, film, stage performances, transmedia, immersive experiences and art installations.

Contact: Idun Isdrake idun(at)

Arctic Futurism

Earthlings, humans specifically, have a rich culture of diversity and imagination with narrative and social interaction at its core. Yet, most mainstream media and entertainment tells a monocultural story with rather dystopian visions of the future. In recent years, movements like Hopepunk and Solarpunk as well as technological advancements, are diversifying our visions and design fiction, showing a range of possibilities for positive change with technology and biology in balance.

Playcentric Studios is shaping a style of Nordic Futurism, Arctic Futurism specifically, based on the geology and past and future mythologies of the diverse lands and peoples in the North. Scenarios based on diversity and not monoculture, a philosophical animism respecting the spirits of all beings, simplifying global connections and access to resources for all beings no matter physical or social abilities. Check out the Nordic landscape photo collection at Sedition.

Diversity and inclusion, as well as individual freedom of expression is at the core of our fictive works, as well as the organization and its events that are always accessible. Check out our lab The Collaboratory for examples of the previous work we have done in this sphere.


Playcentric Studios does research creation concerning human computer interaction, embodied technologies and diverse future narratives. We are currently prototyping cyborg interfaces and a blockchain based system for digital assets and artist empowerment. We also consult, curate and give talks/workshops on innovation, digital culture, story architecture and diversity.

CEO Idun Isdrake is an award winning game and film maker with an academic background in archaeology, cognitive sciences and fine arts. They have 15 years experience as a Creative Director, founded several brands and labs in Sweden, and was probably the first human to implant film, games, music and a substitute voice/scream linked from chips in their body. Portfolio at


We currently have a transmedia universe, a game culture documentary and a VR experience in pre-production, a couple of indie games and short films in production and post-production. Most of our works are open for co-production and funding partners, feel free to get in contact if you wish to learn more and contribute.