Arctic Futurism

Earthlings have a rich culture of diversity and imagination with narrative and social interaction at its core. Yet, most mainstream media and entertainment tells a monocultural story with rather dystopian visions of the future. In recent years, movements like Hopepunk and Solarpunk as well as technological advancements, are diversifying our visions and design fiction, showing a range of possibilities for positive change with technology and biology in balance.

Playcentric Studios is working with Nordic/Arctic Futurism, based on the geology and past and future stories of the diverse lands and peoples in the North. Scenarios based on diversity and not monoculture, a philosophical animism respecting the spirits of all beings.

Diversity and inclusion, human accountability, as well as individual freedom of expression is at the core of our fictive and non-fictive works, as well as the organisation and its events. Check out our lab The Collaboratory for examples of previous work we have done in this sphere.